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The Hill Hub and the History of Dartford

What makes Dartford so special? Dartford is a town of rich cultural and industrial history, incredible transport links, and tons of business potential. Situated in the Kent county of Southeast England, 18 miles southeast of London, this town and borough district has had a pivotal role in transport and trade for 19th century industry and even medieval markets. This is because Dartford has always held a massive geographical advantage. It lies along the south bank of the River Thames, adjoining northwest Kent to the metropolitan area of Greater London, and it is also located on the main route between London and mainland Europe.

Modern Dartford

Today Dartford still thrives with its brilliant transport links as a commuter town for Greater London and Kent. Its extensive transport links proved it an ideal location for us to established The Hill Hub, and for our clients to have access to incredible transport routes for their business. In Dartford, you can find Bluewater Shopping Centre the best shopping mall in all of Kent. There is the Orchard Theatre which hosts a dazzling range of music, stand-up comedy, and theatre. Central Park where some have used its beautiful flower beds as backdrops for their wedding shoots. Then, the Dartford Borough Museum which tells the amazing story of this ever-developing town. With many regeneration projects in the works, this town is rejuvenating into something exciting, modern, and new. While Dartford has been the link to other cities and towns, it is now reclaiming its presence for itself. It is bringing in new people and becoming a significant area for industry commerce and urban development.

Industrial Origins

So how did Dartford get to where it is today? To begin with, the first paper mill in English history was set up in Dartford in 1588 on a site near Powder Mill Lane. This provided a great source of employment and production which later expanded. In 1595, England’s first iron-slitting mill was set up by Dartford Creek. These formed the industrial and economic foundations for the future growth and prosperity of Dartford. By the 20th century, Dartford has a wealth of cemented industries, such as heavy engineering, pharmaceutical industry, papermaking, fabric printing, brewing, tanning, flour milling, gunpowder manufacturing, and cement manufacturing, which all brought great wealth and jobs into the area. Today Dartford’s economic basis has shifted dramatically as industries have shifted towards hi-tech manufacturing, science, and service industries. However, still to this day, Dartford has its geographical advantage and brilliant transport links.

Geography and Transport

Speaking of geography and transport, Dartford, as previously mentioned, is situated on the border of Kent and Greater London, but it also borders the Boroughs of Bexley, Thurrock, Essex, and Gravesham. The Dartford railway station has links to Charing Cross, London Bridge, Cannon Street, Waterloo East, and Victoria. Dartford is also where the A2 meets the M25, so its roads directly got o Essex and the North via the Dartford Bridge and Tunnel. Dartford also has the A206, which skirts the town to the north. Its prime purpose is to carry traffic from the riverside industrial developments onto the Dartford Crossing from both west and east. Dartford also has the main mode of crossing the River Thames to the east of London, where the southbound A282 crosses the river via the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge toll bridge.


In conclusion, Dartford’s geography, its industrial and economic history, and its favourable transport links made it a prime location to launch The Hill Hub, which since its opening in April 2021 has seen great success.

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