Our Blueprint to Expansion: Serving Communities

As we prepare to open our doors, we invite you to join us in shaping this exciting new chapter. The Hill Hub Bromley is not just a space; it’s a community-driven destination

The word ‘service’ is a multifaceted one, holding a wide variety of connotations and meanings depending on the context it is used in. You can own a rental car service, be conscripted for military service, and stop by a restaurant with good customer service after attending your religious service. In the context of RPG, what meaning do we attach to the word ‘service’? That was a repetitive run, I’ll give you a breather from that word for a while. Our definition unsurprisingly has multiple connotations as well but the core meaning that we ascribe to the word is simple. Help. In whatever we do, how we are helping and who we are helping is always at the forefront of our minds. For us social impact is not simply a byproduct of our activities, it sets the foundation for why we are undertaking a project in the first place.

How we started out

In a recent interview, our CEO, Sanmi Adegoke said, ‘The first thing I was looking out for was what we could do as a business in terms of meeting the needs of our community.’. As a person of Christian faith, he gravitated towards the Christian community and searched for what aid he could provide to them with his knowledge. This search yielded fruit. He found that there were plenty of churches that were struggling to find buildings for their congregations and that many of them did not have an understanding of what a real estate agent would require from them. Many of them relied on calling upon God to make a way but did not account for the practicality of their desire. So, he found a problem and was armed with the knowledge and skills to provide a solution which he would use to the benefit of a community he held dear to him.

Once he had helped his first congregation, he realised the niche market he had just entered and continued to provide aid to congregations in need of a home. The company portfolio went from having three churches, then grew to five, and we now have over five thousand churches in our database and are leaders in this market. Our success here was born from a desire to provide service to a community(the breather is over) and this set the precedent for the kind of business we have become.

Our Growth

As RPG has grown, we have expanded beyond our initial niche and diversified our services. There have been some special projects undertaken, such as an old pub on Camden road being transformed into M’Nuchah, a space that embodies the fusion of rest and creativity with it being used for a variety of events while also having an aparthotel with nine prime serviced accommodations.

In addition to that, we have our current crown jewel, The Hill Hub Dartford. THH Dartford was formerly a site that contained a dilapidated police station and a vacant magistrates office which were transformed into a dynamic hub of activity. Our aim was to offer a comprehensive solution to the diverse needs of modern professionals and we did this by combining both fixed and flexible workspaces under one roof. The foundational desire that inspired us to do this was to breathe new life into Dartford, rejuvenating the community and providing a beacon of hope for local businesses and entrepreneurs. The space has done just that, creating an environment conducive to productivity, collaboration and innovation as well as being the recipient of multiple awards since opening its doors.

Serving communities is, and will remain, the means through which RPG grows. One of our pillars is the building of legacy and in our eyes this cannot be done through selfish means.

Further Developments

We are happy with the service that we have provided to multiple communities through our endeavours but we refuse to recline and watch the clouds go by. We are always looking for another place, another community, another individual, that we can help through our developments. We are currently working on a smorgasbord of new projects, with one being our new purchase in Dover. We acquired 138-141 Biggin Street because we saw the potential to make a significant social impact. After discussions with the local businesses and residents we determined that the community was in need of a co-working tech hub in order to retain local talent and grow small businesses. This would stimulate economic growth and would seamlessly align with the local council’s overarching vision for the comprehensive regeneration of the area.

In addition to this endeavour we are also doubling down on a tried and tested idea. Building upon the success of THH Dartford, we are creating another THH branch, this time in Bromley. This building will be a bigger, and I dare say, better version of the previous iteration of The Hill Hub. If you want to learn more about this, click here(a link to NHSH post).

Serving communities is, and will remain, the means through which RPG grows. One of our pillars is the building of legacy and in our eyes this cannot be done through selfish means. Legacy is what you leave behind, and we want ours to be overflowing with the smiles of individuals, the cheers of communities, and the beautification and optimisation of the spaces we have created.

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