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Coworking Space Market and the Need for Human Contact

Social contact is a human must. Social contact is vital for our structure and our wellbeing. Our work-lives, our personal lives, and more have been completely flipped by the pandemic. First Covid, then Delta, now Omicron – it is ongoing. So, the question is: how do we adapt for our social human needs?

The answer lies in coworking’s ability to unite and empower people. The University of Michigan discovered in its research, 84% of people seek coworking spaces for social interaction, and 82% for knowledge sharing. Remote work is not for all of us. In fact, the research shows it is not for most of us. Being alone, spending every day the same, staring at the screen for hours, does not keep people stimulated and engaged. Who wants to drag themselves from their bed to their home desk? Why this, when you could be experiencing a fuller life? A global survey on productivity reported 84% of co-workers were more engaged since joining their coworking community, and 89% of co-workers were happier. Over at The Hill Hub, we love building networks and community so we all can thrive. The world has changed, but people still need community. Since boardroom meetings became zoom calls and bedrooms became workspaces, people are embracing new concepts of work.

Profoundly, people are embracing an alternative way of being. As The Hill Hub, we love combining the best of traditional and modern work. Our offices can provide good old-fashioned order to your routine, the freedom your work needs, and most importantly, a community to grow with. Our networks and connections enable us to thrive as human beings. In 2011, a research study of 7500 participants found socially cohesive communities experience less mental health problems than socially incohesive ones. The Hill Hub is a developing network filled with different stories.

Coworking culture is taking over the world. Coworking is fostering the professional communities we need. The Hill Hub’s coworking offices can offer structure and flexibility to your work-life.

The Hill Hub knows, in particular, how much a sense of community can impact your success. We are a homely business in Dartford dedicated to an ecosystem of passion and achievement. Coworking is an undoubtedly successful venture with 68% of co-workers reporting improvements to their business and skills. So, start your journey of success with us.

Find your work family here. Discover a place to grow. Meet like-minded business individuals. Be a part of something bigger than yourself.


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