MzHair is a deluxe wig and hair extension provider whose studio is located in The Hill Hub.

What is MzHair?

MzHair is a deluxe wig and hair extension provider whose studio is located in The Hill Hub. MzHair was one of the first businesses to join The Hill Hub since The Hill Hub officially opened in April 2021, this also meant MzHair joined during the start of lockdown.

During that time, Cindy Temi’s glorious business MzHair thrived! For a lot of businesses, the coronavirus pandemic meant closing shop. So, in a one-on-one interview with Cindy, we uncovered the story of her success, what being at The Hill Hub for a year meant, and the answers and details that could help you with your entrepreneurial journey.

What inspired you to start your business? Do you still feel the same way?

When asked this question, Cindy recalled a lady from New York who had alopecia. For context, alopecia is the loss of hair typically from the scalp, which occurs from an immune reaction. Cindy explains she ‘already had an interest in hair, extensions, and beauty products,’ but she wanted ‘to take it a step further and see if this passion could turn into a profitable business.’

Following her ambitions, Cindy was determined to sell high quality products to people who needed them. She wanted to be a frontrunner in an industry dedicated to helping magnify people’s beauty. This is because she believes everyone deserves to feel their natural beauty. Plus, as a bonus, have the money and resources so she could afford her own, she boldly added.

How has settling in The Hill Hub for the last year impacted you and your business?

She explains, ‘it has worked quite well.’ Because of The Hill Hub she found a ‘safe and productive workspace’ for her business’ various needs. Prior to joining The Hill Hub, she conducted her business from home. But now her modern office gave her the ‘flexibility and freedom’ to organise her business processes ‘in a way that is best for me.’

What about your line of work brings you meaning everyday, and why?

With Cindy’s business savvy and passion for enterprise, she could have entered and succeeded in any industry she wanted. However, we wanted to know why exactly she chose the beauty industry. This is her answer: she loved seeing people happy with their purchases and trying on extensions.

For Cindy, providing her products and services is about ‘getting people out of their comfort zones.’ It is about ‘magnifying features people may have underplayed’ or ignored. And, ‘bringing out a side of people they knew they never had.’

With her work, she goes on to contrive great meaning from making people feel good about themselves. Because again, everyone deserves to feel beautiful

What makes The Hill Hub different from other coworking spaces you may have used?

Cindy knew the story of the building’s origins. It was an old, derelict police station. She saw its transformation from an abandoned, decrepit building to a modern, refurbished one that hosts a thriving ecosystem.

She was there during the construction site days. She has the remarkable opportunity to see Rehoboth Property International, parent company to The Hill Hub, make the impossible happen; transform trauma into triumph by turning the old police station, a place of capture and suffering, into a coworking space, an ecosystem for entrepreneurship, passion, and success.

To add onto this, she is excited that ‘Dartford is developing into its own business epicentre.’ Everything happens in London and in some cases it is too saturated. But Dartford is an open place of growth and regeneration

Conclusion. How do you personally define success? Is it money, influence, creative expression, or other?

Influence and recognition come to the top of the list for Cindy. Recognition from a number of people and from the right people ‘really lets you know what you are doing is actually good’ and something ‘you can be proud of.’ Additionally, ‘feedback lets you know that you are making a difference to people.’

To the young entrepreneurs in her field, she urges them ‘to just go for it!’ She says ‘you can be surprised at how a small idea can grow into something big.’ If you are nervous about it, she also asks, ‘What is reward without risk?’

MzHair is the best place to go for your hair and beauty needs! For anyone interested in beautiful hair extensions, come see MzHair in The Hill Hub.

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