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Our choice of popular real estate

In 2019, a significant milestone was reached when Rehoboth Property Group successfully acquired a prime site directly from the Government body, Homes England. This site, which consisted of a dilapidated police station and a vacant Magistrates Court, presented a unique opportunity for our company to transform a neglected area into a dynamic hub of activity and make a major impact in the community while supporting the council’s plans for regeneration.

The former police station, now lovingly referred to as The Hill Hub Dartford legacy centre, became the focal point of our ambitious endeavour. This historic building, which had long been abandoned, underwent a remarkable transformation.

Now, in 2023 a new iteration of The Hill Hub has been launched and it promises to be bigger, and possibly even better, than its predecessor in Dartford. This building, purchased from the Clarion Housing Association, takes the spirit and vision of our legacy centre in Dartford and expands on it, with an even greater variety of spaces offered to our clients. Giving a company which has space optimisation as a core principle so much space to work with can only result in one thing. Excellence.

About Us

THH is on a mission to create an ecosystem of thriving businesses.

Our vision was clear from the outset: to develop a legacy centre consisting of a workspace ecosystem that transcends the conventional coworking concept. We want to offer a comprehensive solution to the diverse needs of modern professionals, combining both fixed and flexible workspaces under one roof.

This approach sets us apart from our predecessors and contemporaries in the coworking industry as we provide variety coupled with quality to provide our coworkers with a consistently fulfilling experience.

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The Hill Hub hosts a handful of spaces available. To get started, view our available spaces or make an enquiry and one of our Sales team member will be in touch to further discuss your preference.

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